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21 Feb

Okay not really, but I’ll be back soon. For now, I’m unrepentantly copy pasting this brilliant piece I bumped into during one of my irregular interweb trolling rounds. A piece from love, lolita. I personally think it’s abso-flippin-lutely genius… (well maybe that’s because I’m half a bottle of Pinot Grigio down and a whole lot seems to be genius literature, meh!)

Be that as it may, do enjoy folks! (And by folks here, I mean my 0.0867 readers remaining – judging by my confuddlingly erratic update intervals here *le sigh*)

Be good to
my inner and outer body
Be kind to

Devotion to
small things
Lost balance
I seek to tilt scales
Back to transcendence
To living in the moment
To erasing guilt
To being honest
To remember my beginnings
To be better
To always try
To energize

My self and purpose questioned
I drowned in the moment
Loathing every second
I dwelled in the moment
And owned self pity
Felt eaten whole
He was my only salva vida

Now, I can save my own life
By living by striving by stirring up
What brought me joy when I needed rescue
My mantras
My praying
My poetry
My sacred time and words
My ability to create whole cloth where nothing existed before

So I redevote myself
To me 
Mi espiritu,
Mi alma,
Mi creatividad,
Mi intuicion,
Mi destino

With my salvation by my side
(always a comforting and constant presence)
I reinforces what the inner me always knew: 
you bring your blessings to you, 
you change landscapes, 
you craft dreams, 
you bounce back, 
you weave words that become scripture. 
You ...


That’s it for now….. until my next absurdly mundane post.