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Getting it up and Keeping it up!! (in the rain)

14 May

Twice in a day!! Yikes, so this is how viagra feels. Only that it’s not a little blue, white, whatever pill. And that it doesn’t work on THOSE parts. Not like I have THOSE parts in any case. Well I have been known to grow a brass pair occasionally when circumstances called for it. Metaphorically not anatomically because that would just be weird and I’d have to go see a gyno and suffer through painfully embarrassing explanations of “Now you see them, now you don’t.” Point is that it feels good to get it up and keep it up, the blog post, not THAT (though I’m sure it would feel equally good to get THAT up and keep IT up! Unless IT couldn’t get back down, I’ve heard that could be painful)

Off the digreshuns and back to the nitty gritty. It has been pouring in Nairobi and the mast of Kenya this past week (take that all you “el-nino haikuji” naysayers). It’s weeks like these when I miss Nguatah Francis and his stand-up comedy gig very informative weather forecasts. I have a very complicated theory concerning the rain, the gravitational pull of the moon and nairobi people (More on that after it’s copyrighted (copywritten?!) and I have won a nobel prize for it) Sneak peak summary, “The rain makes nairobians crazy.”

Yesterday people were seated in their offices pretending to be stellar employees all the while keeping an eye outside office windows on the black rain clouds (Nimbus? Cumulus?! The lesson I missed in geography probably!) Even those people in cubicles, with no windows, they did it Wanted style, a feat that I’m convince has its historical roots in some form of black magic, juju oh! The instant the first fat drop (Note the alliteration) made its way from the aforementioned clouds, the mad dash home begun. Nevermind that the work day was far from over! The ensuing madness provided comic relief for the gods on Mt Olympus and anyone else with a good view of the city roads.

Ha!!! <— Take that anyone who had left their houses claiming “SIOGI NA SIOGI!!!” Cleanliness is next to Godliness, that was The Big Man’s way of roundhouse kicking your asses into submission. KAPLOW!!! hehe. *Flash of lightning… Loco ducks under bed* (Yikes! This name in vain thing is a dangerous affair, especially during the rainy season!!)

So the point of this entire post was to let anyone one out there who might be ploughing through this rain chaos that Loco is tucked under a duvet all snuggly and warm, quite enjoying this baby making weather and sticking my tongue out at you, tongue ring and all.

Maaad plaigiarism from deviant art. All of us lazy people do this.