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20 Jul

Hello morning… now when does the fun begin….

When I left home 3 years ago I was looking for a fresh start. In my naivete, I saw it as an apportunity to have a fresh start. To breakaway.

Goodbye morning, sorry it had to end… I stayed just a little too long, now it’s time for me to move on…

3 years down the line, I was packing my bags once more. Looking for another fresh start. Back to where I had come from.

Hello yesterday, remember how it used to be….

Nairobi. Vibrant. Full of opportunity. Family. It would all be right. Right? Wrong.

Goodbye yesterday, I can’t take you with me….

So now I’m looking to breakaway again. Searching for the mould to fit in. I might never find it. But I’ll try.

They say I’m hopeless… as a penny with a hole in it

I might never meet the expectations of those who have faith in me. My parents. My friends. Maybe their expectations are misguided. But what’s the point of having a life if I am to live it for everyone else?

They say I’m no less… than up to my head in it….

So here I go, in pursuit of my destiny, whatever that is.

*Quote excerpts from Hopeless by Dionne Farris


The beginning. Word!!

14 May

I really should introduce myself. The name’s Loco. Locococomoco. Well, it isn’t really but if I use my real name here I might get stalkers who’ll put up shrines of me and worship my awesomeness and put up shrines of me and find out where I live and come and whisk me away to Mt Olympus to worship my awesomeness better and then Zeus might smite me with a lightning bolt because he’s totally badass and he doesn’t like being usurped even by people as awesome as me. So because I don’t want to fuck with Zeus, you may call me Loco. Yeah, pleasure to meet me too 🙂

I used to have another digz, but that was totally and thoroughly spammed. Fuck blog spot and their lack of spam control! Also I just recently moved back to the small big city (Nairobbery) and seeing as how my life now has taken a totally different turn it only makes sense to start a fresh space. Herein shall be documented the philosophical and life changing journey I have only just begun in this beautiful city. Or maybe just random nonsense.

I shall leave you with this gem. The miseducation of Loco.

PS: WordPress totally rocks. Feel free to drop a comment. If you spam me though I swurrs I shall find you and ask R Kelly to pee on you, eye for an eye and whatnot.