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Take Time…

23 Jun

They say ‘Life imitates art’ or is it ‘Art imitates life’? Anyway, regardless, this is evidenced every now and then. There are so many times when I, for example, find that a song will speak EXACTLY to what’s going on in my life. Word for word. It’s creepy.

I just watched Ledisi’s ‘Take Time’. She sat, observed me, read my mind, psychoanalyzed me, and then wrote that song. I wanted to quote some of the lyrics, but I can’t. Because each word she sings, each pause she takes and scat she does is an illustration of what’s happening with me and what I need to do. So in case you have been wondering what I have been up to (which I’m sure you haven’t), here’s a status update.

Ledisi _ Take Time

Take time, to get away
Free your mind, and fly away
Take time to get away
Free your mind, and fly away

Ooh, sometime the days get so long
A cup of coffee just to keep you strong
In rush hour and you’re late,
There’s nothing to do, but sit and wait
So many things are on your mind, yeah
The start of your day, keeps passing you by,
Oh you wanna find a place to escape,
It’s your life, you gotta do whatever it takes, yeah

Take some time, to, free your mind, oh yeah
Ooh, oh oooh yeah
Sometime the days get so long, long,
Though sometime it seems, everything is wrong, yeah
Endless hours, you’re working so hard, yeah
In your fancy suit, exchanging business cards
So much pressure, need to run and hide, yeah
Get tired of the days, passing you by, ooh,
You wanna find a place to escape, it’s your life
You gotta do whatever it takes, yeah

Take some time, to get away
Free your mind, and fly away, oh yeah
Everything’s gonna be alright when you do it yeah,
Ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh yeah

Take time, let go, let go
Take time, yeah, it’s alright, take time, take time
Yeah yea, take a minute breathe yeah, just let go and
Leave it there, you gotta breathe a minute, take a minute
Breathe a minute, yeah, yeah, yeah, just relax and let it
Go, it’s alright if you should know, breathe a minute, take
A minute, breathe a minute, ooh yeah, take a minute, breathe
A minute, take a minute, come on, oh come on, take a minute,
Breathe a minute, take some time, and love yourself!!


Take your time, to get away, yeah
Free your mind and fly away, just get away
Everything’s gonna be alright, everything’s gonna work out fine, when
You do it, when you do it, yeah
Take time (scat) oh yeah, yeah yeah (scat)