Unsolicited Pseudo-Intellectual Rambling

25 Feb

I am in possession of a train of thought that is decidedly a runaway train.

Take for instance, my current preoccupation: I am seated in a hotel room, semi-delirious as a result of a sleep deprived stupor catalyzed by insomnia. Despite this, and for reasons beyond my comprehension, I’ve been engaged, for the past half hour, in an attempt to steer my thought train on a track of deliberation on strategic process in advertising. True to its errant nature however, my train of thought has veered itself merrily off course.

My ruminations have digressed into a contemplation of application of strategy in anthropocentrism. Following that train of thought, I find myself toying with an extrapolation of behavioral predispositions based on the assumption of human homogeneity.

If I were to link my conjecture (perhaps misguidedly) to a variation of the agenda setting theory, devolved to apply to basic human interactions as opposed to media and the masses, here is what I come up with:

Motivation breeds purpose. Purpose nurtures intent. Intent defines thought. Ergo, if you understand a persons motivators you should be able to decipher their thoughts and consequently, predict their next move.

However, it’s no good just knowing a person’s next move. In similar fashion to owning a car but lacking the ability to drive it,  it is only when you can manipulate the person’s next move  that can you control the individual in their entirety.

I am no authority on chess, but if I’m not mistaken, this is one of the basic stratagems of the game, isn’t it?

Consider this: The best lie told is that which the pawn discovers for themselves as a truth…

I can’t even claim that there is a point to my drivel. In my defense, I pointed out earlier on in this post that it is quite possible that I may be in a state of delirium right now.

But just so you don’t feel cheated of your buck worth of time for slogging through this balderdash, here’s a moral for the books…

Err… Don’t drink and drive.

Oh, and urm… Stay away from drugs and stuff.


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